Soto’s male clerk released the draft! Unbelievable that words were given 15 mins after the release but not released to the public! No conformation? What is the hold up? Nobody reads my stuff anyway, this is a place to store info for the future!

Don’t Believe it!!!

Don’t believe anything you see about the Bible being wrong! The government is trying to make you doubtful of the Bible! God doesn’t make mistakes, period! Read your bible’s and be prepared! The KJV is God’s written word! Trust in God and dismiss these people, they are trying to make you doubt the Living God, just like the Adam and Eve! Don’t fall for it!!! God’s speed!!!

Message to the World

Biden is not my President of the United States because he is not God’s President. We were already in the cycle for socialism when God stepped in and made a miracle happen! Trump stepped in to office and made the demons mad! That is why he was attackevery moment of his presidency! This has been going on for so long, even before Kennedy was in office. That was the year I was born! Fates of Democrats are not good if you do the right thing! People have died to remain in control in the background. What is even more painful is the Republicans have joined the other side! Abortion needs to be abolished! Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! It is in the Constitution! God’s covenant with the great United States of America! God will keep his covenant with America, God has given people with free will to right this wrong and they like Judus have received their worldly payments! Wake up Church! Soon the enemy will start taking down the aggressors (rioters and occupiers in US) because the enemy doesn’t need them anymore. That’s the point when the enemy will take your freedom and some will give up just to have peace again. There will be no peace! But God has drawn a line in the world, he will have peace! Trust in God and we will have World peace! Finally!!! God’s speed!!!

Psalms 94

Hear ye, hear ye! I am praying for Congress to get bold and stand up against the dark powers in Washington, D.C. Be revitalize by the words of the founding fathers of this great nation! The founding fathers and God have a Covenant over this Land! The time is now!!! All of you stand up, it is not right for the unborn or newly born child to be murdered under a law! The Constitution states, “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! That is the law set forth by God and man. God’s law thou shall not kill, which trumps man’s law! God will protect you all from attack in his shadow! Stand up now because the time is near! Ask God for Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,and Mercy!!!

Last straw!!!

If you do not believe that these are dark times (just like OBiden said), then you are sadly mistaken! Don’t care about getting kicked off of social media now! It’s all a farce anyway!!! Many Americans have died in the war oversees and hopefully ( with God) we can win this country back before we suffer the same fate! Please join the great awakening, if you are true blue Americans ( not R or L), this is WW3! Not with guns but with insider help! This is traitorest behavior and all the money in the world will not save you!!! Judas was such a man but death will not be cast in the same way! Hurry up before they lick me down!!! Look into the Election Advisory Council! Look to Flashpoint because it’s TRUTH! Patriots, lets get this sow on the road!!!! Clearly, this administration has no clue or do they???? God’s speed to all True Americans!!! Wake up, please wake up!!!✝️🇺🇸💕🙏

Christians and Patriots need to Unite and Fight!o

Christians and Patriots need to Unite and Fight!
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I changed my original post from February, please read! We are in a Holy War, cast out all fear and stand Boldly with God. This Great United States of America, has a covenant with God Almighty! That so called wokeness, cancellation, critical race theory, and foreign policy cannot stand up to the Power of God! The absolute line has been drawn, people have given their time to make their choice, I for one will NOT ALLOW MY CHILDREN TO BECOME ENSLAVED BY ANYONE OR ANY GROUP PROCLAIMING “THEIR IDOLOGICAL BELIEFS” I am in charge of my house! I have expressed my belief to my state representatives and encourage them to speak for the people of my state!!! They in turn tell Washington, D.C. what their constituents are calling for. I encourage everyone to do the same!!! Keep up the good fight against corruption, the whole WORLD is depending on us! If we get our own house in order, then America can help the rest of the world 🌎

America Unite

The Great American Wake up is NOW!!!

Free the Americans locked up for Jan 6!

Free Cuba from their oppression!

Free America from the Fauchi lies!

Free America from CRT!

Free America from the voter Fraud!

Free the World protesters from crime against humanity!

Free the unborn because life begins at cell level!

All in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray!

Spread the word Americans, far and wide!!! God’s speed!!!

What did I say about Jill Biden’s visit to Jackson, MS?

Here’s the proof, God help these Children!!!

Who was with Jill Biden when she visited a few weeks ago? MS needs to look into this, news station gather all your footage, even the in broadcasted and look for the culprit!

Dobbs: 10 children on life support from delta variant

By Sharie NicolePublished: Jul. 13, 2021 at 9:25 AM CDT|Updated: 11 minutes ago

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – As the highly contagious delta variant spreads across the Magnolia State, we are getting a clearer picture of its severity.

State Health Officer Thomas Dobbs said Tuesday 12 children are in the intensive care unit including 10 children on life support.

Health officials are encouraging people to get fully vaccinated and if you are 65 and older you are asked to avoid indoor mass gatherings, vaccinated or not.

The CDC has classified the delta variant as a concern for these reasons:

  • Ability to spread more quickly in people
  • Ability to cause either milder or more severe disease in people
  • Ability to evade detection by specific viral diagnostic tests
  • Decreased susceptibility to therapeutic agents such as monoclonal antibodies
  • Ability to evade natural or vaccine-induced immunity

Copyright 2021 WLBT. All rights reserved.


Thank you for following! Perhaps you are wondering if Biloxi Gal knows the meaning of what a blog is? I assure you that I do. I needed a place to express myself amongst the evil people who are attempting to tear this world apart. I needed a place to put videos because of widespread censoring! I have tried my best to share when I find content and I can always come back to the Beacon of Hope blog to remind myself what I am fighting for! God, Family and Country!!! It’s really going to get bad but keep your eyes on God Almighty and be bold in him! Protect your love ones above all cost!!! Contact your State representatives, they are the back up plan when Federal government gets out of hand!!! We are coming down to the wire, stay strong and God’s speed!!!

Words from BiloxiGal

Happy Sunday!!! I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 because of his boldness but God has shown me that is how every Christian needs to be right NOW! We all need to stand up and say we are not going to take this belligerent leadership anymore! We all know who the real President of these Great United States truly is and so do the people currently “occupying” the White House! We need to take our country back first and God will take care of the aftermath! I wholeheartedly voted for Trump in 2020 and he is our 45th President!!! Times are going to change for the better, change is good just like God! Contact your state representatives, peaceful protests! Technically, they are afraid of We the People because we are so many and they are so few! That is why you are seeing them or not seeing them do or say crazy things and words!! God’s speed to all!

Hear the Thunder

Let righteous rebellion occur, it has been said in coming weeks we will see the glory of God!!! Lift up your eyes to God and praise him for the return of our country! Old faces gone and New faces will arise! 🇺🇸🌟🇺🇸

God will accomplish this for EVERYONE on this Earth. Everyone will be freed from the evil on this earth! Praise the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit!!! For GOD and Country!!!🇺🇸

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